Mumbai Attacks – A Lesson for We Indians

Things are going as I predicted earlier. Terrorism, a failed concept, has taken a desparate turn. Hostage situations, random firing and widespread chaos. All leading to a desparate attempt to stun the people of India.

Again what are 100 dead people? I would say the terrorists are stupid. We kill 1000s of people a day because of corruption and ignorance. People who die of hunger, illness and cold. Food grains after a disaster are diverted. Aid money used to increase personal bank balances.

Furthermore a few hundred terrorists can’t kill a country of 1billion+ people. There are not that many bullets in the world!

Finally this incident reminds us of a very important fact: ‘There are no guarantees in life’ Live the day and do what you have always wanted to do. Pursue and achieve your dreams. You never know when you die!

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