Destroy everything you touch…

Destroy everything you touch today.
Destroy me this way.
Destroy everything you touch – Ladytron
This is the beauty of human nature. We destroy everything we touch and end up destroying ourselves in the process.
We attack both bad as well as good things. We attack terrorism as well as alcohol abuse. We also attack Mother Nature as well as our fellow human beings.
But with each attack we are slipping. With each step we are falling deeper.
Everything you touch you don’t feel.
Do not know what you steal.
Destroy everything you touch – Ladytron
We do not feel the pain of the tree we touch to uproot. We do not know that in stealing the life of a tree we are stealing a part of our own life.
Life is like an old Tom & Jerry cartoon where Tom thinks he got Jerry and is unaware of that big hammer or a pair of scissors heading his way. That is what Life is about. That is what we have made of it.

One thought on “Destroy everything you touch…

  1. Good post. Its like what goes around, comes back around. Its a circle where you think you are moving ahead not realizing that you are eventually coming back to where you started. 🙂

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